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The Truth About Protein Supplements : Muscle Building Or Fat Gaining?
Protein shakes, and other protein supplements, are ubiquitous. They’re sold at fitness centers, nutrition stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and online. It’s common practice to down a protein shake at the gym, or at home following a workout. Protein supplements hold promise that they’ll optimize muscle-building, which ties in neatly with the premise that weight training […]
This application is amazing!
“I’ve never found an app that will give such a premium feature like food scanning in their free version. That fixed my decision to choose this over other diet/food log apps & I’m happy I did! The database supposedly has 600,000 items but so far, I’ve found everything I’ve scanned! Dymatize protein powder, Advantedge bars, […]
7 Surprising Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein
Protein is essential for living organisms. It gives us energy, helps our bodies recover, and keeps our tummies satisfied. Protein is composed of long-chain amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle. Your body produces 11 amino acids and the others—the 9 so-called essentials amino acid — you must consume from food. How would you […]